Water Quality Testing

We are committed to keeping paddlesport participants safe and healthy.  We undertake water quality testing of the river Thames so we can assess the risk posed by waterborne bacteria.

Test Results


What we test for

The environment agency have two main tests for designated bathing water, there are:

  1. E. coli (EC)
  2. Intestinal Enterococci (IE)

The presence of these two bacteria in the water is a strong indication of contamination with sewage or other faecal matter.


How do we test?

During the paddling season we aim to test the river weekly using the methods specified by the Environment Agency.  This requires samples to be taken 30cm below the surface and in water over 1 m deep.  Once collected the water sample is kept cold and taken immediately to the testing laboratory collection point.  This enables the sample to be tested within 24 hours.