Paddlesport Information & Kit List

Watersport is a fun and exciting experience for young people, and we want them to have the best time possible. Staying comfortable and warm makes a big difference to their enjoyment so please read the following carefully to ensure participants are prepared.

If it is hot

  • Wear a short wetsuit if possible. Long wetsuits are not recommended in hot and sunny conditions as the can cause overheating.
  • Shorts and T-shirt are a suitable alternative for really hot weather.
  • Swimwear may be worn underneath clothes, but never worn on its own


Hat & Suncream

Water bottle

If it is cold or windy

  • A long wetsuit is ideal, however in windy conditions this should be paired with a windproof layer (light mac or cagoule).
  • If you don’t have a wetsuit, light layers are better in colder weather they can help trap body heat:
    Walking trousers or shiny leggings; thin long sleeve top; fleece; waterproof jacket/cagoule.
  • Wicking sportswear and lycra running leggings are better than heavier cotton.
  • Swimwear may be worn underneath clothes, but never worn on its own.

Jeans are not permitted

Shoes MUST be worn on the water

These should be covered toe that stay on whilst swimming.

Old trainers or water shoes

NOT crocs, flip flops or wellies

If you require glasses

A cord or strap is needed to keep them from being lost should you go in the water.

Long Hair

Must be tied up!

After your water session:

Participants are likely to be cold, even on hot days.

✓ Towel
✓ Warm change of clothes (including
✓ Plastic bag for wet things
✓ A drink and a snack


Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease)

This is a bacterial infection spread via animal urine. Although infections are incredibly rare, it can be associated with river water. We advise everyone to shower as soon as possible after leaving the river. If river water has been swallowed monitor for symptoms: